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It’s Good to be Recognized for Our Work

It’s Good to be Recognized for Our Work

Photo: (lf-rt) Randy Giaquinto, Blaise V. Jones, MD and James L. Leach, MD

Cincinnati Children’s honored three of our Radiology faculty in their extraordinary achievements of entrepreneurship and teamwork at the 5th Annual Faculty Awards on Feb. 19. Randy Giaquinto was awarded the Entrepreneurial Award and Dr. Blaise Jones and Dr. Jim Leach were awarded the Team Award.

Randy Giaquinto is our senior engineer at our Imaging Research Center (IRC). Recruited five years ago by Charles Dumoulin (IRC Director), Randy has made many important contributions to the field of magnetic resonance imaging, holds 17 patents, and has many publications. One of his biggest achievements is the design and construction of phased-array imaging coils. His coils were a technological advancement and a feature in every MR scanner in the world. At Cincinnati Children’s, he developed a 32-channel breast coil that can make full bi-lateral images, which was not only quick in capturing the image, but also in three dimensions. Randy was internationally recognized for his development of this advancement.

Dr. Blaise Jones and Dr. Jim Leach are members of the multidisciplinary Brain Tumor Center at Cincinnati Children’s. It has become one of the leading brain tumor centers for pediatric patients, such as in the study of pontine glioma (DIPG), a terrible brain cancer. The center provides care for around 800 children from around the world each year.

Cincinnati Children’s has become the operations and database center for the International DIPG Registry and a member of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium. The center is collecting biological samples and molecular and clinical data needed to understand the biology of DIPG tumors and to conduct investigative studies and clinical trials.

Congratulations to our Radiology faculty for their achievements in advancing the care and research of our patients.

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