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INSPIRED on Father’s Day

Post Date: June 16, 2017
INSPIRED on Father’s Day

I became a father on the day before my very own birthday. My daughter came into this world with an ease and grace that was astounding to behold. We took her home and she continues to thrive and amaze us on a daily basis. The light in her eyes, the symmetry of her smile, and her nascent kinesthetic awareness fill me we awe and wonder.

Becoming a parent has had a profound effect on my viewpoint as a physician. It has taught me patience, and that each child is a gift. They are our future and it is a privilege and honor to care for them as part of the Cincinnati Children’s family.

When I meet someone for the first time and the topic of my profession comes up, I am often asked “isn’t it hard to work around sick kids…don’t you get sad?” My response is now a confident no. What I feel is… INSPIRED. Inspired by a child’s strength, by a child’s wonder, and by a child’s love. What a gift!

The Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s has taken this inspired approach to the care of children. I am surrounded by a wide range of personnel and staff who regularly make “above and beyond” the status quo. Thank you Cincinnati Children’s, and the Department of Radiology in particular, for inculcating this ethos.

So this Father’s Day when our children are honoring us, remember the gift that fatherhood is!

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About the author: Janet M. Adams

Janet is a sonographer at Cincinnati Children’s. She has worked in the Ultrasound department for over 26 years, and clearly has a passion for working with children. Janet serves as a lead Safety Coach, TJC representative, and education resource for her department. She enjoys challenging exams, and is involved in local and global ultrasound research projects. When she is not at work, her 4 children and 9 grandchildren keep her very busy!