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Homecoming: Former Radiology Fellow and Retired Military Serviceman Calls Cincinnati Home

Homecoming: Former Radiology Fellow and Retired Military Serviceman Calls Cincinnati Home

In the spirit of homecoming season, I was asked to reflect on my recent homecoming of sorts back to Cincinnati Children’s.

Over the span of a 20+ year military career, our family had the opportunity to live in a variety of amazing locations throughout the United States, as well as overseas. Although each experience was unique and rewarding in its own way, the two years we spent in Cincinnati for fellowship training were perhaps the most memorable and impactful. Although not natives of Cincinnati, we quickly came to consider Cincinnati our home, despite spending only a relatively short amount of time here. The reputation of the Midwest being friendly and welcoming is truly understated, and the people of Cincinnati epitomize that culture.

From a professional standpoint, the subspecialty training that I received at University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s was nothing less than exceptional. For as hard as it was to have to leave, I would never trade the opportunity I had to use the knowledge and skills I gained in Cincinnati to help care for the active duty members of our Armed Forces and their families. With the sacrifices many of them make on a daily basis (far more than I was ever required to), they truly deserve the best care possible.

As my military career was coming to an end, there was no question that I wanted to call Cincinnati my home, hopefully with a full-time faculty position at Cincinnati Children’s. Like most things in life, it would all come down to timing and opportunity. As good fortune would have it, an opportunity to return to Children’s Hospital became available at just the right time, and our family has made what is likely our final move home.

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When people ask what it is about Cincinnati Children’s that makes it special (and they do), I always tell them it is the people. To be surrounded by people who always place the well-being of a child in need ahead of all else makes for an incredible work environment. That is what drew me to Cincinnati Children’s years ago, and I find that type of environment is even more apparent today.

Though it has a taken awhile, it is good to finally be back home…

Contributed by William T. O’Brien, DO and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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