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Radiology Takes on the Half Tough Mudder

Radiology Takes on the Half Tough Mudder

Earlier this year, some of our Radiology team members decided to challenge each other to complete a Half Tough Mudder obstacle race. The race was 5 miles long with 10+ obstacles, so we new it was going to be a challenge to prepare for. Throughout the months leading up to the race, we were able to push each other and hold each other accountable to staying on top of a training program.

Photo: (l-r), Dr. Crotty, Dr. Schapiro, Mrs. Young, Chris Young, and Dr. Rattan.

We were all pretty excited (and a little anxious) on race day. Our team consisted of my wife, myself, Dr. Schapiro, Dr. Crotty, and Dr. Rattan. Throughout the race we swam through lakes, climbed walls, and trudged through the mud together, helping each other out along the way. Without the help of our team (and other racers on the course) it would have been impossible to complete the challenge! Thankfully, about two and a half hours later, we finished the race relatively unscathed!

Overall the race was a great way for us to grow closer as a team. Like the race, we will face many challenges in life, and if we try to overcome these alone, we will often be much worse off than if we simply relied on the help of our friends. We are all privileged to be a part of a team at Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology that strives to help families as they navigate some of the challenges of caring for their children. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

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Contributed by Chris Young, RRA and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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