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Gratitude Games

Post Date: November 24, 2021
Gratitude Games

This month of November our Radiology Department is launching its Gratitude Games. It is a way for our colleagues to express their thanks to each other and to our patients and families. Many of us received heartfelt thank you messages from our co-workers. We know that many thank you messages were provided directly in person. However, we also saw a large increase in the number of Above and Beyond messages. Our Above and Beyond is an online system that we use to nominate/recognize employees who have gone above and beyond in their normal working day. This past week there were 61 Above and Beyond messages compared to just 9 two weeks before. 

Week One, we challenged our staff to send out appreciation of gratitude to their fellow co-workers, via an electronic medium or directly in person. Week Two, the challenge was to continue to express their gratitude to at least two colleagues per day, we challenge them to give at least one colleague a Thank You Award sticker per day. Stickers were provided throughout the department. Week Three was to write a message of thanks each day on a gratitude poster. Posters were placed in many locations across the department. 

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Week Four was to thank at least one patient or family per day. 

We know that these random acts of kindness have a huge impact on the way we feel each day. Also, have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! 


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