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Getting to Radiology During Our Main Entrance Construction

Getting to Radiology During Our Main Entrance Construction

Arriving and registering at the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Get dropped off at the main circle drive (from Burnet Avenue) to the hospital main entrance.
  2. Turn right from the Welcome Desk as you enter the building.
  3. The Radiology Registration Area is the first thing you see on your left.

DSC_1666_blog20160420Photo: Location B entrance, under construction.

How easy can that be? Sometimes, however, construction gets in the way. The B entrance to the hospital off of Burnet Avenue is closed for renovations until June 19. Please note that the valet stand has been moved to the D entrance of the hospital in the meantime. Deliveries come through the C entrance, which is also where patient escort will bring those who are ready to be discharged. The construction, which began on March 7, will make the entrance to the hospital larger and easier for families and patients to use. Please be aware that there are signs along Burnet with directions.

For our patients and families that need to reach the Radiology Department, here are a few directions to remember:

DSC_1679Photo: Hand pointing right is the location D building entrance. Hand pointing down is the location C building entrance.

  1. You can enter via the C building entrance; it’s just to the left of the previous Main Entrance.
    • Turn right from the C building entrance.
    • Turn right again at the hallway intersection.
      • Our cafeteria will be on the left and the gift shop will be on the right of the intersection.
      • Turn towards the gift shop and proceed down the hallway to the Main Registration/Help Desk, which will be on your left.
    • Our Radiology Registration Area is just past the Main Registration/Help Desk.
  2. You can drop off your vehicle with the valet at the D building entrance.
    • Proceed through the D building entrance. A mobile Welcome Desk should be at the entrance of the hallway to direct you to the Radiology Registration Area.
    • Go down the hallway, making no turns. You will pass the cafeteria, gift shop, pharmacy and Main Registration/Help Desk (all on your left) to our department.


We hope you’ll excuse our construction and that our directions will help you find our department quickly and easily.

Contributed by Fallon Cook and edited by Glenn Miñano.

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