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Get To Know Dr. Maria Calvo

Get To Know Dr. Maria Calvo

Hi, I’m Maria A. Calvo Garcia, associate professor of Radiology at Cincinnati Children’s. My area of subspecialty is fetal imaging, in which we combine the use of ultrasound and fetal MRI to help in the diagnosis of potential problems that can affect babies even before they are born. The main goal is to take care of the pregnant mom and help their unborn baby.

I knew I wanted to become a doctor ever since I can remember; I loved anatomy, pathology and physiology in medical school. I pay attention to details and like the intellectual process involved in the imaging analysis in order to reach a diagnosis, so radiology came as a natural specialty to me. Why pediatric radiology? I love working with kids and, as a parent myself, I completely relate to parents, their concerns and their challenges.

I am originally from Spain, and that is why my full name is much longer than most people in the US. The Spanish tradition is to keep, even after marriage, the first last name of each of your parents; in my case, my dad’s first last name (Calvo) and my mom’s first last name (Garcia).

As a mom of two teenagers, I am quite busy at home. When I am not helping with homework and I still have energy left, I like to cook traditional Spanish meals. And yes, I love making and eating paella!

Photo: Paella dish. On the Mediterranean coast, Valencians used seafood instead of meat and beans to make paella.

I arrived at Cincinnati Children’s almost 16 years ago and I cannot imagine working in any other place. Everybody has a common purpose: to provide the best care for our kids. I feel honored to be part of Cincinnati Children’s!

Contributed by Dr. Maria Calvo-Garcia and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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