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Follow -Up On The 2022 Jean Turner Minority Scholarship for Medical Imaging Technology Awardees (Part 2) 

Post Date: September 13, 2023
Follow -Up On The 2022 Jean Turner Minority Scholarship for Medical Imaging Technology Awardees (Part 2) 

“As a young African-American woman, Jean Turner began her career at the Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology in the 1960s, working under the direction of former Radiology Chair Frederick N. Silverman, M.D. Her 40-year career began as a radiology file clerk, and she retired as a member of the Radiology Reading Room staff.

Jean developed a love of Radiology but noticed a lack of minorities in the growing and advancing field of Radiological technology. After discussing this disparity with Radiology managers and leaders at Cincinnati Children’s, the Jean Turner Scholarship Award was developed to create opportunities for minorities in the field of Radiology and to honor her 40 years of service in the Radiology department. Supporting minorities who are interested in entering the field of Radiology is one way the department of Radiology furthers its mission in achieving excellence in imaging.“ 

Marianne Servin was one of the two awarded with the scholarship. Here is her story. 

Being a recipient of the Jean Turner Minority Scholarship for Medical Imaging Technology has been a transformative experience for me.? When I initially heard about this scholarship from my professor, Allison Stokes, I was unsure if I qualified for this tremendous honor, but with her encouragement, I felt empowered to apply.

Being an out-of-state student and having a single mother who was helping to finance my education, I felt tremendous pressure to do well on my educational journey while also working.

This incredible scholarship from the Cincinnati Children’s was a tremendous help to lessen those costs and allow me to focus more time and energy on my studies. I have been able to work less and focus more time on my studies more, which has enabled me to be more successful.

On May 7, 2023, I will graduate with honors from the College of Health Sciences at The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radiologic Sciences and Therapy. Looking ahead to my future, the sky is the limit and I am exploring opportunities to further develop my training and apply the skills that I have learned these past four years. I hope to either continue taking courses and go to medical school to become a Diagnostic Radiologist or obtain my master’s degree in radiologic sciences and become a Radiologist Assistant.

All these boundless opportunities are made possible by the love and support of my amazing mother, Monica Servin, as well as Ms. Becci Pryor who was instrumental in helping me on behalf of The Jean Turner Minority Scholarship. It was an incredible journey and I could not be more appreciative.? 

Marianne Servin, author

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