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February Radiology Patient Experience Update 2023

Post Date: March 1, 2023
<strong>February</strong> Radiology Patient Experience Update 2023

How are we doing?

In January 90.4% of the 310 families surveyed gave Radiology a positive score for “overall rating of facility”

The FY23 Goal is 92.0%

Family Feedback

In January, 90% of the survey comments were positive. 

I cannot thank you enough for a great MRI experience. My son was very nervous about claustrophobia, but I think the staff talked with him, explained things to him, and things went as best as they could. Even the reception staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Many thanks for a great experience!!

Thank you! It means a lot to parents that you address our concerns and ease our worries in situations like these; it’s greatly appreciated.

Very great staffing made us feel super comfortable and cared for thru this medical scare! It’s much appreciated; not making us come in for 4 hours to tell us the good news was amazing! We appreciated the call the day before so we didn’t have to sit and worry all night.

From the moment that we walked in, everybody had smiles on their faces. They made my child feel so welcome and at ease; they offered her coloring pages and crayons to keep her occupied. They showed her the fish on the wall when she got the X-ray. They kept telling her how good of a girl she was to be able to do the things that she did. She’s 3 years old, and they just made things appropriate for her. Most kids are scared whenever they have to go to the doctor, but now she says that she needs to go to the hospital over every little thing.

Heather was especially friendly during my son’s X-rays and instantly put him at ease. We’ve seen her before at a different Children’s urgent care location for one of my other children, and she was wonderful that time, too.

Our technician was training another technician, and I thought both were very patient and determined. I appreciated what a supportive instructor the more experienced technician was.

Our nurse Kira was very sweet and Diane came and spoke with us while we were waiting and graciously went and got an update for us! Everyone was so sweet and caring!

The technician who did our child’s MRI was very sweet, patient and kind. She explained everything and she even helped our son to choose a movie to watch. She answered all of our questions and kept him calm and stress-free. It was an easy and quick process. We got the results on the phone and in MyChart just 24 hours later.

The lady that did my son’s CT scan was an absolute pleasure! My son needed to drink an immense amount of liquid and was very hesitant, but she took time to encourage him and talk with him, making him feel like a person and not just another patient. Before coming to Cincinnati Children’s, he dreaded going to the hospital, but it’s never a fight with you guys. I greatly appreciate that considering all that he has been through medically since 2021.  Sincerely, a grateful mother!

The technician was excellent. She explained everything so beautifully to my very curious daughter. She made the ultrasound into a fun health lesson for our aspiring MD. Thank you so much for your expert care!

Paige was great and gave my son so much dignity by letting him cath himself in private and be covered under a blanket before entering the room. He felt very heard and comfortable before, during, and after the scan. She went above and beyond to make his IV easy to get in and take out and eased his worries about it. Thank you for squeezing us in to get the needed test results in time for his appointment!

QI Division, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA; editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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