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Farewell Class of 2019 Fellows, Part 2

Post Date: June 25, 2019
Farewell Class of 2019 Fellows, Part 2

This is the final part of our farewell to the class of 2019 clinical fellows. Awards were given to the clinical fellows, a neuroradiology fellow and a research fellow.

Dr. Murat Kocaoglu was absent at the graduation dinner. He was on holiday with his family on the northern part of Cyprus. Dr. Murat will be staying on for another year at Cincinnati Children’s studying cardiac and body imaging.

Dr. Ghufran Alhashmi started her pediatric clinical fellowship around January, 2019 (instead of July 2018). She was unable to attend the ceremony due to a family emergency. She will be in the Radiology Department until she completes her fellowship at the end of January 2020.

Dr. Yinan Li completed his second fellowship year. His original fellowship class was 2018 and he decided to do another year of fellowship in the department. In May of 2019 he was hired as full-time Radiology clinical faculty.

Dr. Bill O’Brien, Director of the Pediatric Neuroradiology Fellowship Program, introduced Dr. Valeria Onofrj. Dr. Valeria grew up in Italy and completed her residency in Rome, Italy. She completed a one-year fellowship at the University of North Carolina and came to Cincinnati Children’s to do a year of a pediatric neuroradiology fellowship.  She has done a fantastic job, especially in her clinical conferences. Throughout the year, she presented lectures in four national conferences, such as the RSNA and the American Osteopathic College of Radiology Conference. She has accepted a position in Switzerland after her fellowship is completed.

Dr. Andrew Trout, Director of Clinical Research, introduced Dr. Leah Gilligan. Dr. Gilligan was the first ever Research Fellow in the Department of Radiology. It was incredibly rewarding for the faculty and staff to have worked with her. She has made friends with the Clinical Fellows and anyone that she had contact with.

Dr. Trout was more impressed with her work ethic than her academic production (which is also impressive). She represented the Radiology Department very well during RSNA, talking to the major vendors and getting and coordinating the medical equipment prepared for the research projects. She will be moving on to do her residency at Northwestern in Chicago, IL. Hopefully, she will be returning to us, after four years, to do her clinical fellowship here in Cincinnati.

Photo: Dr. Eric Crotty (l), Outstanding Educator Award

Photo: Dr. Andrew Trout (r), Outstanding Clinician Award

Photo: Dr. Alex Towbin (r), Janet Strife Moral Award

Near the end of the evening, the fellows presented three awards of their own to the Radiology faculty. The Outstanding Educator Award went to Dr. Eric Crotty, the Outstanding Clinician Award went to Dr. Andrew Trout and the Janet Strife Moral Award went to Dr. Alex Towbin.

We wish all the best to our graduating class. Hopefully, we get to see them at the national radiologic conferences. Good luck and may good fortune go with you all.

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