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Farewell Bessie Ganim, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Blog Editor

Post Date: April 13, 2018
Farewell Bessie Ganim, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Blog Editor

Photo: Bessie with her daughter Makensie during one of our photo shoots.

Last week our very own Bessie Ganim said goodbye to our Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s. She has made the difficult decision of switching careers from technologist to an Epic Analyst position. Epic is the technology our hospital uses to keep track of patient orders, conditions, medications, etc. She will be part of a team that manages and maintains that technology in our hospital.

Photo: Bessie with her Nuclear Medicine Group.

Bessie began her career in Radiology as a Reading Room Assistant in 2005. During the day she went to school to be a technologist and gained clinical work experience. She would then go do her job as a Reading Room Assistant on second shift.

In 2007, Bessie accepted a position as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in our Radiology Department. Along the way, she joined our Radiology Blog Team as an editor. She has written several blog articles and helped edit numerous ones by our staff and faculty. She also helped in having her daughter be a model in many of our photo shoots.

Photo: Bessie’s daughter Makenzie, with NucMed technologist Crysta Clements.

Bessie mentioned that she will definitely miss her Radiology family and that was the hardest part of her decision to leave. She will always be a part of our Radiology family whereever she is. Good fortune and good health to you, Bessie!

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