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Porsche the Dog Visits the Department of Radiology

Post Date: August 21, 2018
Porsche the Dog Visits the Department of Radiology

Every other month we are blessed with a canine visiter to our Department of Radiology, and every time, our people smile when they come. This time the dog’s name is Porsche and her handler’s name is Anita Eisthen. Porsche visited the faculty and staff in our Reading Rooms and Quality Control (QR) areas, where our fine technologists wait for their next assignments.

Here is Porsche’s story, as told by her owner and handler Anita Eisten:

Porsche was born on May 3, 2011. She was the runt of the litter and almost died when she was 3-4 days old due to lack of strength to nurse. I tube fed her for several days, and she perked up after a day or two, but she is still small compared to her other sisters.

Porsche is a true Labrador Retriever. She loves to chase tennis balls, and one time, she helped a boy in the Cincinnati Children’s Rehab unit with his strength and endurance by chasing tennis balls for him for an hour. The boy got a lot of exercise as he picked up the ball from the floor each time and then threw it for her again and again. Her tail never stops wagging.

Porsche loves her food and treats. She can be a bit of a scamp. One time, my husband, Bob, went into the kitchen and found her standing on our kitchen table. If we are not careful, she will sneak food out of another dog’s bowl! Porsche also loves belly rubs. She barks with delight when she goes down the stairs at our home as we start our day.

Porsche’s only job is to be a therapy dog for Cincinnati Children’s, and of course, for our family. She gets very excited when we enter the Cincinnati Children’s parking lot because she knows that she is there to visit with children and adults.

Her mother (Aspen) has retired from the Cincinnati Children’s therapy dog program. Her sister (T-Bird) recently was approved for the hospital therapy dog program, but she has not yet had a chance to visit. Porsche shares her home with momma Aspen, sisters T-Bird and Cali, her son Sonny Boy, and her niece Bon Bon.

Contributed by Anita L. Eisthen, CFP, CPA, CFA and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.


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