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Do you have a question for a radiologist?

Do you have a question for a radiologist?

Radiologists  have traditionally been behind-the-scenes doctors who interpret imaging studies (x-ray, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy) ordered by other doctors. However, radiologists have increasingly become more directly involved with patients in an effort to provide the best care possible. In pursuit of this goal, the Cincinnati Children’s  Department of Radiology has launched a new initiative that allows you to ask radiologists questions you may have about completed or upcoming imaging studies.

If you have a question for a radiologist, you can now ask them via MyChart. At the top of the Test Results page, you will see a link called “Send a question to the radiologist.” With this form, you are able to send an electronic message directly to our radiologists. Please note that as indicated in the image above, some radiology reports (CTs, MRIs and PET scans) are delayed and will not show up within MyChart until 48 hours after the study is done or until your healthcare provider has reviewed the results.

Here are some examples of questions other parents have had for our radiologists:

  • I saw that the radiologist mentioned a non-ossifying fibroma in the x-ray report. What does this finding mean for my child?
  • Are the cysts in my child’s kidneys on the MRI related to their diagnosis of tuberous sclerosis?
  • Why is my child not able to eat before her upcoming upper GI study?

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Contributed by Dr. Morgan McBee and edited by Janet Adams, (ADV TECH-US).

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About the author: Janet M. Adams

Janet is a sonographer at Cincinnati Children’s. She has worked in the Ultrasound department for over 26 years, and clearly has a passion for working with children. Janet serves as a lead Safety Coach, TJC representative, and education resource for her department. She enjoys challenging exams, and is involved in local and global ultrasound research projects. When she is not at work, her 4 children and 9 grandchildren keep her very busy!