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December Radiology Patient Experience Update

Post Date: December 20, 2022
<strong>December</strong> Radiology Patient Experience Update

How are we doing?

In November 89.6% of the 316 families surveyed gave Radiology a positive score for “Overall rating of facility.”

Projects we are currently working on:

  • The Radiology Patient Experience team is interested in learning more from the frontline staff.
  • What makes an encounter more challenging?
  • What or who makes an encounter more impactful?

Family Feedback

In November, 90% of the 115 survey comments were positive: 

I cannot remember the names of her Radiology team, but they were the BEST! When my daughter walked into the room she asked for a train, and they did not only find her trains, but they took her back to the MRI room in a little train cart thing OMG that was priceless!!! The look on her face and the excitement was EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you to the team. 

I’ve always loved Children’s. I was always sick as a kid and remember I always had amazing care from doctors and nurses—even an amazing Christmas and a few birthdays! When I came in, I was amazed at all the new additions to the building. The kiosks are very easy and convenient and the intake nurse was very nice and made me feel comfortable. We were taken back very fast, and our technician did a wonderful job including us in our child’s ultrasound, making sure we understood what she was looking at/for.

The X-ray technologist, Heather, was phenomenal. She was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. She went above and beyond in her care of my daughter, and you could genuinely tell she loves her job and is great with patients and families! Top-notch customer service!

I would like to recognize the registration employee, Patty, and Molly, the ultrasound technician. They both were so patient, understanding, welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating to my son’s needs at the time, and overall, just amazing people. Your organization definitely is made better by people like Patty and Molly representing Cincinnati Children’s.

Belinda the ultrasound tech could not have been more amazing. Our daughter is 12 months old, and I am a SAHM. She has a lot of stranger danger. She dealt with 15 to 20 minutes of severe tears, plus my awful singing to try and soothe our baby girl, and she kept a calm, sweet demeanor. She made sure we understood what was happening and when to expect results and how. She offered any help she could to get our girl through it as quick as possible. I am so grateful. 

Our ultrasound tech was very considerate of our young child as well as myself and my husband. She didn’t rush us, and she was very patient. I would just like for her to be acknowledged in a positive light, as well as the radiologist who reviewed my daughter’s ultrasound scans. [He/she] was very efficient and we had the results very promptly. We greatly appreciated that. Thank you.

I commend Children’s for their all-around professionalism. My daughter has Down syndrome and they always treat her with so much dignity and respect.  In addition, the fact that one nurse was assigned to her made this a seamless visit. After a negative experience at our local hospital, this was a welcome experience. From the receptionist to nurse to doctor, everyone was so considerate. Above and beyond!

What do we do with survey comments?

  • All comments are shared with Radiology leadership and managers.
  • Survey “Service Alerts” that are negative are tracked and sent to division managers for review and follow-up.
  • Both positive and negative comments, unrelated to Radiology, are forwarded to the appropriate division within the hospital.
  • Many family concerns shared on the survey have resulted in improvement work both large and small.

Radiology Quality Improvement Division, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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