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Continuity of Care: Fetal to Neonatal

Post Date: September 13, 2018
Continuity of Care: Fetal to Neonatal

Finding an abnormality of a baby in pregnancy is scary and overwhelming. At Cincinnati Children’s, we have a Fetal Care Center that specializes in treating fetuses and supporting families with babies who are affected by a disease process before birth. Through a combination of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, we can identify the type of abnormality so care can be directed in the womb, at birth or in infancy.

Image: MRI fetal image sample
Image: Suspected congenital diaphragmatic hernia seen on ultrasound

Did you know that many of the babies who are seen in our fetal care center are also treated in our Neonatal Unit? Our neonatologists closely interact with the fetal care doctors and are often present at the birth of the child. They also direct the care once the baby is born and transported to an inpatient unit. It is a great help and major advantage to have the specialist who already knows the imaging results and treatment therapies performed in the womb or at birth. Some of the most common disorders we see in neonates at Cincinnati Children’s are congenital diaphragmatic hernias, lung masses, neck masses, and genetic syndromes. This synchrony of care, from clinic visits, to imaging appointments and finally to the post-birth follow-ups, allows us to tailor the treatment that is best for the child and family. With this continuity in care, we are providing the best support from the womb to postnatal.

Contributed by Dr. Beth M. Kline-Fath and edited by Tony Dandino, (SPEC-MR QUALITY).

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