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Congratulations to Rachel Young and Kathy Lonzo!

Congratulations to Rachel Young and Kathy Lonzo!

We ended our Radiology Patient Experience Week 2022 with two award winners. Congratulations to Rachel Young (Main Campus, MRI technologist) and Kathy Lonzo (Liberty Campus, Anesthesia Imaging RN). Both received the most votes from their coworkers on their above-and-beyond interactions with patients, families and colleagues. Below are some things people had to say about them: 


Rachel Young

Rachel brings her best to work every day. She consistently strives to be the best tech she can be. She always keeps the patient in mind and is very attentive to their needs. 

Rachel is truly passionate about making a difference and providing the best experience for our patients every single day. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help out everyone. Rachel is so knowledgeable and a great resource if you ever have a question. She is willing to sit and talk through any situation/problem. Our department is truly better with Rachel in it!  

Rachel is a vital person that helps run our department. She is a leader who always steps up. She is the number one encourager for her colleagues and patients. There are countless times I have come to Rachel in a time of need, and she stops what she is doing to help me out. When Rachel is around, you can always expect happiness and laughter. Rachel represents what a true Cincinnati Children’s employee is. Thank you for all you do for our department; your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.  

Rachel is a wonderful tech. She puts patient care above all else. She wants each patient to leave here with a smile on their face. She has such a positive and infectious attitude. It is wonderful to be around. She is there for the new techs to answer any questions and give them any support they might need. She helps out without being asked to. She is the definition of a team player and a hard worker. Thank you for all that you do, Rachel. You are amazing!  

Rachel is one of the best people with patients. She puts their wants and needs before anything else and makes sure that they are well taken care of. Her empathy and attentiveness towards her patients are out of this world. She deserves a shout-out for everything that she does. 



Kathy Lonzo – Liberty PE Award winner-IMG_7769_915x430

Kathy Lonzo 

Kathy exemplifies everything a good nurse should be. She is professional and efficient. She prioritizes patient care with kindness and empathy. This past year, Kathy has been dedicated to the Liberty COVID vaccine clinic. She has worked countless hours and maintained an optimistic, positive attitude. Kathy is the grease that keeps our department running smoothly each day. She keeps us on schedule, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to help our team. She enhances our parents’ experiences every time she calls to give updates to parents in the waiting area. They greatly appreciate this. It is a small effort that makes a big difference! 

I have never met another human like Kathy Lonzo. That woman, deemed “The Energizer Bunny” by her peers, is the glue that holds Liberty MRI and Anesthesia Imaging together, and everyone at Liberty has made sure to make me aware of the depths of that truth. There is nothing that woman will not agree to do, and she will do it all with a smile and a warm, giving heart. As a result, our Liberty PFE scores are some of the best, and I have a mailbox FULL of the family recognitions that Kathy has received in the four short months I have been with Anesthesia Imaging.  

Kathy starts her positive encounters with families from the first pre-appointment phone calls, ensuring they have no unanswered question or unaddressed concerns prior to their visit. Then she greets them warmly with her gentle demeanor when they arrive for their scan and makes sure the patients and families have everything they need to feel comforted and assured throughout the appointment. And when Kathy notices that things could go more smoothly or be arranged differently, such as combining visits or having special circumstances in place for unique situations, Kathy makes sure those things are done. And because Kathy always remains positive and calm, so does the rest of the team at Liberty MRI, so the overall experience for patients and families is second to none. She has an incredible way of making patients feel like they are the only person she needs to spend time with and give her attention to. However, one Thursday, when the schedule was stacked and there should have been three nurses, Kathy was the only one for the first several hours. She gave her everything, smiling all the while, and every patient still had a positive experience with a good outcome, all while running on time. Kathy is a gem and an invaluable asset, not only to Radiology, but to the organization as a whole. 

Copy editor, Meredith Towbin

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