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Congratulations to Matt Lilly, Radiology Family Recognition Award Winner

<strong>Congratulations to Matt Lilly, Radiology Family Recognition Award Winner</strong>

Matt Lilly has been recognized four times this past quarter by families on the patient experience survey! Amazingly, Matt has been recognized through survey feedback 14 times in the last couple of years.

The survey asks: Is there anyone you would like to recognize or anything else you would like to say about your Radiology experience? Here is what some of the families had to say about Matt:

“The staff were excellent! My three-year-old was scared and not wanting to sit for the X-ray. They got the pictures as quickly as possible. They let her pick out stickers when we were done and she was happy again.”

“Matt the X-ray technician was amazing!”

“The gentleman who took my son’s X-rays was so nice, and my son even said when we left how nice he was to him and he was thankful for him and what he does for all the kids he works with!”

“The X-ray tech, Matt, was absolutely fantastic. He has been so kind and personal and fun with our kids. He also lets them see the X-rays when they’re finished, which is huge to a kid. I feel like he’s an outstanding employee and health care professional, and I would love if my comment could be passed on to him. Thank you.”

Congratulations, Matt, and thank you for making these experiences meaningful for patients and families!

Contributions by Radiology Division, Quality Improvements; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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