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Congratulations Jessica Weigand: Safety Award!

Congratulations Jessica Weigand: Safety Award!

The Safety Award is given each quarter to the Radiology employee who receives the most safety-related Above and Beyond awards. Our Above and Beyond is an online system that we use to nominate/recognize employees who have gone above and beyond in their normal working day. CT technologist Jessica Weigand received the most safety-related Above and Beyonds this quarter.

Congratulations, Jessica! Jessica is a technologist who mostly works the night shift. But that doesn’t keep Jessica from taking an active role in keeping our patients safe. She does an excellent job reporting safety concerns via the Safety Reporting system. Jessica communicates well with her peers and coworkers and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Thanks for helping to keep our patient safe, Jessica!

Jessica received a beautiful commemorative plaque and a bag of her favorite candy.  A name plate will be placed on the Safety Award plaque in the Radiology Large Conference Room.

Here are a few samples of what people have been saying about Jessica:

“When I was the only x-ray tech in the department on 3rd shift, Jessica helped me with a hand x-ray on a two-year-old patient. The patient was sitting on his mother’s lap and was very tired and fussy. Jessica stayed in the room with them and calmed him down by singing to him and helped keep his hand in position for the x-ray. Jessica is always willing to help us when needed and we really appreciate her.”

“Thank you Jessica for troubleshooting a ring artifact in CT 1. Because of your quick catch, we were able to contact Toshiba and have them here first thing in the morning to triage. We were able to anticipate schedule delays and to rearrange the schedule to better accommodate these delays. Thank you for your fast response and dedication to patient flow! KUDOS!

Contributed by Julie Dickerson, RN, BSN, MST, CPN and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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