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Congratulations Becky Barth, Safety Award Winner!

Post Date: October 22, 2018
Congratulations Becky Barth, Safety Award Winner!

The Fiscal Year 2019 First Quarter Safety Award goes to none other than Becky Barth, MR technologist at Liberty Campus! Becky always does a great job, but this quarter she was just outstanding!

Becky was really surprised yesterday to receive a beautiful plaque and a goodie bag with coffee and a mug (her co-workers told us she likes coffee, not candy). Way to be healthy, Becky! Also, her name will be added to the Safety Award Plaque at Burnet Campus.

Below are her Above and Beyond recognition responses from her co-workers :

#1 Peer checking and coaching: Thanks, Becky, for watching my back and catching the need to change the coil prior to beginning the MRI scan on the neck patient! This saved us from having to stop the scan, change the coil, and restart! Also demonstrates how one can get so familiar with one scanner and not even realize something is out of place when scanning on a different scanner. My bad! But thanks for watching my back! Appreciated!

#2 Infection control: Becky did an outstanding job of cleaning MRI 1! Becky carefully and diligently cleaned the floors and other surfaces until they sparkled! This is another example of how staff do things every day that are not in their “job description.” Thanks Becky!

#3 Safe staffing: Our schedule was chaotic at Liberty and once Becky finished her scans at Green Twp., she headed to Liberty to finish out her day assisting us. Thank you for your extra help, Becky! It did not go unnoticed!
It definitely helps on certain days to have four technologists

#4 Equipment-specific training: I wanted to thank Becky for her consistent patience with me while working on the Phillips last week. It was somewhat busy that day and she was able to keep a very positive attitude teaching me and helping me get through scans that would have been very stressful otherwise. Thank you Becky, I really appreciated working with you that day.

Finally, we just want to thank Becky again for keeping our patients safe and being a team player. Keep up the good work!

Your Safety Coach Team


Contributed by Julie M. Dickerson, MST, BSN, RN, CPN and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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