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Cieara Presley Wins this Quater’s Safety Award

Post Date: October 4, 2019
Cieara Presley Wins this Quater’s Safety Award

The Safety Award is given each quarter to the Radiology employee who receives the most safety-related Above and Beyond awards. Our Above and Beyond is an online system that we use to nominate/recognize employees who have gone above and beyond in their normal working day.

Photo: Cieara being presented with the Safety Award, by Julie Dickerson, RN BSN MST.

Please congratulate Cieara Presley for winning this quarter’s Safety Award. Cieara is a Technologist that works in our Cincinnati Children’s, Liberty Campus. She is an amazing technologist and the examples below show it. Cieara also received a big parent thank you for a great catch in fluoroscopy that saved a child’s life. I also want to mention how she keeps patients safe by taking the lead with lead aprons at Liberty. Keep up the good work Cieara! And thank you for always keeping our patients safe.

Photo: Cieara being congratulated by Dr. Michael P. Nasser

Here are some examples of why Cieara received the award:

  • Thank you for attending the Radiology Preceptor Workshop on Friday. Your enthusiasm and participation is greatly appreciated and your dedication to becoming a better preceptor will enhance the Radiology orientation program!
  • The view forum had an error and was not transferring images correctly.  Cieara took care of contacting support services and clinical engineering for me to follow up about the error.  I was still able to leave on time while she continued to deal with it.  Thanks for your help!  I appreciate it!!
  • While Cieara was eating lunch in the cafeteria last week she noticed a girl getting sick.  She quickly went over to help the little girl and her mom to the nearest restroom.  Thank you Cieara for caring for the little girl and her family.
  • Cieara went above and beyond last night and this morning for a difficult patient in the OR.  Cieara was the OR tech assisting a GI doctor place an NJ tube in the evening after normal OR hours.  Cieara recognized the doctor was having a difficult time.  She gave him helpful suggestions with the knowledge she has about NJ tubes.  When that did not work she offered to contact our IR doctor who also was able to offer guidance.  After all failed she came back down and made several phone calls to the appropriate people to help get the best care for this patient while being very professional and kind.  Great teamwork and great job!
  • Cieara was a huge help this morning for me. I was having one of the mornings where everything that I touched messed up and she helped me work through all of my struggles and all of my problem solving with her calm cooling voice and touch. She is an amazing co-worker and I am so glad she was here today to help me. She helped me turn what would be a bad day into a great day.

Contributed by Julie Dickerson and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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