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Congratulations to Chelsea Franklin, Safety Award Winner

Post Date: January 24, 2020
Congratulations to Chelsea Franklin, Safety Award Winner

Our Safety Award winner for this fiscal year quarter (FY20Q1) is Chelsea Franklin from our Liberty Township campus! She’s been a radiography technologist for about three years in our Radiology Department. Chelsea was the recipient of eight Above and Beyond awards! (see below)

Peers and coworkers love working with Chelsea because of her calm demeanor and willingness to help in any situation. Chelsea is a great team player and always pitches in to keep our patients safe. She’s very deserving of this award and, if you’re wondering who that is in the photo with her (no it’s not her sister), it’s her MOM (left) who is an OR nurse and also works at Liberty!

Congrats, Chelsea, and thanks for all you do!

From: The Radiology Safety Coach Team

  1. “I had a very difficult two-year-old and Chelsea jumped in like a champ.” (peer checking and coaching, teamwork)
  2. “We had a patient who was non-verbal and had been difficult to x-ray in the past. Chelsea was awesome with the patient and made a connection, helping her to cooperate. This same patient had to have a CT today and Chelsea didn’t hesitate to help out the CT technologist since she was familiar with the patient. Also today, I saw Chelsea walking a different patient out and the parent telling Chelsea that she was amazing during the fluoroscopy case. I feel like this is the type of feedback a parent says in the moment, but you may not hear about it from a survey until weeks later. So I wanted to pass it along :)” (Keeping the patient safe by making a connection that aids in communication and comfort)
  3. “Chelsea helped clean and set up my rooms during a very busy night of call.”
    (infection control)
  4. “Thank you for helping to complete the MESS board for MRI! You did an awesome job!” (teamwork)
  5.  “Whenever we call, you are always quick to lend a hand, and your help is always appreciated.” (teamwork)
  6. “Chelsea is a rock star when calling ultrasound in overnight; she handles the situation with ease and is a great communicator. Whenever we are busy, Chelsea offers to help clean rooms, move patients, and do whatever to help us get the job done. This is a great example of how to work together. Keep it up, Chelsea!!!” (teamwork, infection control, safe staffing)
  7.  “We had a crazy morning and some uncooperative fluoroscopy cases. Thanks for everyone’s teamwork and hard work today!!” (teamwork, safe staffing, peer checking and coaching)
  8. “Today we were a technologist short and had a very busy schedule. A big thank you to everyone for pulling together and working as a team. Everyone was proactive and worked well together. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!” (teamwork, safe staffing)


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