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Celebrating Radiology Week 2016

Celebrating Radiology Week 2016

Each year we celebrate Radiology Week here at Cincinnati Children’s. Our celebrations will take place November 6-12, celebrating the day that the x-ray was first discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen on November 8, 1895. This is a week that promotes and celebrates the wonderful care our staff provides to our patients each and every day through medical imaging.

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The week is filled with food and fun including a department-wide lunch, games, and distribution of a t-shirt designed by one of our own employees that celebrates Radiology Week. Our radiology technologists, radiologists, medical physicists, research scientists, administrators and staff work hard to positively impact every child and family everyday. This is a week where we are all reminded how much we enjoy working in the Department of Radiology and the important role medical imaging plays in patient care here at Cincinnati Children’s.

Contributed by Rachel Smith (QI Manager) and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.


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