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Arlene Schutte named as Radiology Family Recognition Award Winner

Post Date: June 1, 2023

We are happy to announce that the Fiscal Year 2023 third quarter Radiology Family Recognition Award winner is Arlene Schutte, anesthesia imaging nurse. The Radiology Family Recognition Award utilizes family feedback to spotlight those employees that best exemplify Cincinnati Children’s values: making a difference, telling the truth, working as a team, and respecting everyone. 

Photo: (lf-rt) Dr. Koch, Anna Lee, RN and Arlene Schutte, RN

In March, Arlene was recognized individually or as part of a team three times in Patient Family Experience (PFE) survey comments. In the past year, Arlene has been called out multiple times for providing an exceptional experience during a Radiology visit.

The survey asks: Is there anyone you would like to recognize or anything else you would like to say about your Radiology experience? Here is what some of the families had to say about Arlene:

“Our nurse and our anesthesiologist were amazing. The same two ladies took care of both of my children for their MRI for different reasons and were just as amazing with them in both appointments and locations. I hope you can thank them both again for being wonderful and so welcoming and comforting during the process and making it all go so well!”

“Arlene is awesome! My daughter loved her. She is super upbeat and kept my daughter happy and occupied so there was no nervousness. She is definitely an asset to your team.”

“I was EXTREMELY pleased with everyone we spoke with at the hospital and during the MRI. I felt like my daughter was in very good hands, and I was very appreciative that the nurses called me whenever they needed to inform me on something going on.”

”Arlene was an amazing nurse and was so good with making us feel comfortable. She was laid back, helpful, and so funny. We appreciate that she took the time to explain everything to us so that we could understand the prep and procedure…We were VERY nervous for this appt since our son is now 4 years old, and it went more smoothly than we expected. Thank you for a comfortable experience.”

“The nurse who took care of us was very nice and thoughtful. The anesthesiologist was fantastic with the IV, and my son didn’t even know it happened. We will choose Liberty campus every opportunity we can even though it’s 1 hour and 20 minutes from us. It’s totally worth the drive.”

“All the staff was amazing! I can’t remember everyone’s name, except Arlene who helped us before the MRI! She was amazing! And Happy Birthday to her!!”

“Our nurse was awesome. She was able to call Endocrine and get labs ordered so they could be drawn while my son was asleep. She let me come back while he still had an oral airway in, per my request, so I could see him ASAP. She used bubbles until he fell asleep with anesthesia; she was very transparent with me that it took a few sticks with his IV. Amazing!”

Contributions by Dianne Hater, Emily Mueller, and Carey Eiser, Radiology Patient Family Experience Leaders; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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