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Andrea Essert from Ultrasound, Radiology Safety Award Winner

Andrea Essert from Ultrasound, Radiology Safety Award Winner

The Safety Award is given each quarter to the Radiology employee who receives the most safety-related Above and Beyond awards. Our Above and Beyond is an online system that we use to nominate/recognize employees who have gone above and beyond in their normal working day. In the event of a tie, the safety coach team and managers vote on who is the most deserving of the award.

Photo: Andrea receiving her award from Quality Improvement representative (QI), Julie Dickerson.

The winner of the Radiology Safety Award FY17Q4 is Andrea Essert from Ultrasound. Andrea is well known not only for her excellent imaging skills and compassionate care of patients but her safety mindset as well. I’d like to share with you some of the safety related Above and Beyond Andrea received last quarter:

“Andrea’s careful observation of the patient’s behavior and status helped her recognize that something was not right. She responded swiftly and appropriately. Code situations rarely occur in ultrasound so it can add stress to an already stressful situation when it does happen. She remained calm and did an exceptional job handling the situation. Great job Andrea!!”

“Andrea not only was a big help in assisting me in learning to use the new biopsy guide but she also did a great job in speaking up to let everyone know that a timeout had not been completed yet. Way to go Andrea!”

“I was the first person to respond to the code in Ultrasound and she did a great job of communicating to the Code Team the chain of events and remained calm under pressure.”

Photo: Andrea with her Ultrasound Manager, Paula Bennett.

Andrea is very humble and was surprised when she received this award today. She received a beautiful plaque, a bag of her favorite candy, and the congratulations of all her coworkers and friends. Thank you, Andrea, for all you do for our patients!

Contributed by Julie Dickerson, RN, BSN, MST, CPN and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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