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Add This to Your Fall Reading List!

Add This to Your Fall Reading List!

A new medical textbook entitled Imaging in Pediatrics is being released as a guide for pediatricians and other doctors caring for children. It will be a resource for medical professionals who want to learn more about using basic and advanced imaging to enhance their clinical practices. Two of Cincinnati Children’s doctors, Carl Merrow (a radiologist) and Selena Hariharan (an emergency medicine physician), served as the editors of this book. They collaborated with numerous pediatric radiologists and pediatricians who also contributed to the content of this text.

Photo: Dr. Carl Merrow

Radiologists often reference a textbook called Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics, 3rd Edition (also edited by Dr. Merrow) to help guide their clinical work. Now pediatricians have a similar book to turn to when considering imaging for children. Imaging in Pediatrics focuses on specific diagnoses and is organized by body sections (such as cardiac, brain, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal). Within each section, there are individual chapters on topics like appendicitis, fractures, kidney stones, and heart diseases. Each section is introduced with a narrative chapter discussing how imaging is best used for that body system, while individual chapters use bullet-point text to detail the most favorable imaging in specific scenarios. The basics of imaging are also discussed, along with the associated risks and benefits, which will help doctors make informed imaging choices for their patients.

Image: A prose “Approach to…” chapter (as shown here) leads off each body section and includes representative images for the studies described.

Order book: https://www.us.elsevierhealth.com/imaging-in-pediatrics-9780323477789.html

We believe that this book will assist pediatricians in caring for your child, allowing for improved understanding and communication for physicians, patients, and families.

Contributions by Dr. Carl Merrow and edited by Catherine, Leopard, Child Life III.

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