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A Homecoming for Dr.s Nadeen Abu Atta and Katherine Epstein

Post Date: August 23, 2022
A Homecoming for Dr.s Nadeen Abu Atta and Katherine Epstein

We have an annual tradition in the US called homecoming. It is often celebrated by high schools and universities, normally in late September and October, to welcome back the alumni of whichever institution is hosting it. In Cincinnati Children’s Radiology department, we have two former alumni that have returned to take the position of faculty. Welcome back to Drs. Nadeen Abu Atta and Katherine Epstein! Below is an update on what they have been doing in between the time they’ve graduated from Radiology’s fellowship program to accepting an open faculty position back at Cincinnati Children’s. 

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Dr. Nadeen Abu Ata 

During my pediatric radiology fellowship and after working with the great radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s, I became interested in Gastrointestinal and Oncology imaging. Therefore, I pursued another year of Body MR fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s followed by a Nuclear Medicine fellowship at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UC). 

During my year at UC, I was involved in performing as well as reading a wide variety of nuclear medicine studies as well as participating in therapies for thyroid disease and different types of cancers.  

I’m so excited to be coming back to Cincinnati Children’s! 

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Dr. Katherine Epstein 

After graduation, I returned to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I spent the first few months reorienting to family and mom life after spending the year away from my family during fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s.  

My boys and I enjoyed hiking and exploring the Sandia Mountains and having fun in our pool before I started work. I joined the Radiology Department at the University of New Mexico shortly after and worked there as full-time pediatric radiologist for the year.   

I am very excited to be back in the Midwest closer to family and to be here as faculty at Cincinnati Children’s! 

Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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