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A Farewell Announcement from Dr. Steven Kraus

Post Date: April 19, 2021
A Farewell Announcement from Dr. Steven Kraus

With mixed feelings, Dr. Steven Kraus made an announcement to all the co-workers in the Radiology Department. Dr. Kraus is our current division director of Fluoroscopy. Below is his announcement.


After 22 years of gratifying work at the best pediatric radiology department in the country, working with the most incredible chairmen (woman), radiology administrators, colleagues, fellows, residents, technologists, RPA(s), child life specialists, reading room assistants, administrative assistants, research group, clinical colleagues one could ever hope to work with, celebrate with, share holidays with and even go through COVID-19 with, I am writing to you to announce I will be leaving this fall and relocating to Houston, where they are having me attempt to build the same strong pediatric fluoroscopy and radiography sections at Texas Children’s Hospital that we have here. It will be a challenge, since I can’t take all those incredible individuals who I mentioned above with me, because its all of you who have made this possible, to have the expertise we have. I hope I have not left anyone out. I am truly grateful for all those that have helped me, mentored me, shared cases with me, assisted me with tough cases. I will always treasure the memories from Cincinnati Children’s. 

Please know that this was a difficult decision. I love working with all of you and would not have imagined I would not retire from here when the time came. But this is an incredible opportunity to try to bring our expertise to another very large patient population. They will be starting to expand their colorectal surgery program and I look forward to bringing whatever I can to make that successful. 

Thank you to everyone here at Cincinnati Children’s! You have made me feel at home for the last 22 years. You all are my family and I will only be a text away. 

We wish all the best for Dr. Steven Kraus’s new chapter in his life. He will always be an extended family member in our Radiology Department, even at 1,058 miles away.


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