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2023 Radiology Pediatric Clinical Fellows, A Quick Intro

Post Date: July 11, 2022
2023 Radiology Pediatric Clinical Fellows, A Quick Intro

The first day of our fiscal year at Cincinnati Children’s is July 1, which also marks the first day of our new Radiology clinical fellows in our department. We have five new fellows starting, with another one joining us later in the year and four previous fellows staying on to complete another second-year fellowship. 

Below is a quick introduction to our new 2023 clinical fellows. A formal introduction will be posted at a later date. 


22_Prasanphanich, Adam_DSC_0457_915x430

Adam Prasanphanich, MD 

Dr. Adam Prasanphanich is the new Chief Fellow for this year’s group. He majored in Math and Chemistry at the University of Missouri. He received his MD and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory. 


22_Fortson, Benjamin_DSC_0478_915x430

Benjamin Fortson, MD 

Dr. Benjamin Fortson received his BSc in Biochemistry at UC Santa Barbra. At the University of Washington, Seattle, he received his MD and attended residency in Oklahoma City. 


22_Green, Shannon_DSC_0466_915x430

Shannon Green, MD 

Dr. Shannon Green received her BSc in Chemical Engineering at UC, Santa Barbara. At UC, San Diego, she acquired her MD and completed her residency. She worked in the industry for four years before medical school as a product development engineer for Allergan Medical. 


22_Derinkuyu, Betul_DSC_0462_915x430

Betul Derinkuyu, MD  

Dr. Betul Derinkuyu is a native of Türkiye (Turkey) where she is an experienced pediatric radiologist. She has worked in the US for at least four years. She has publications under her name and has acted as head of a department and program director. 


22_Thompson, Trevor_DSC_0474_915x430

Trevor Thompson, MD 

Dr. Trevor Thompson is our new Neuroradiology fellow. Previously, he was at UC as a first-year Neuroradiology fellow. 


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