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2021 Year End Wrap Up

Post Date: January 7, 2022
2021 Year End Wrap Up

Happy New Year! We hope you and your family had a great holiday. Last year was a very productive and busy year for the Radiology Department. Below is our year-end wrap up! 

2021 wrap-up_techs and faculty

Several technologists joined our Radiology family. We gained three new faculty members: Dr. John ChoiDr. Aki Tanimoto and Dr. Shireen Hayatghaibi. All three have some very interesting backgrounds. 

2021 wrap-up_kraus-tiefermann-pratt
Image: (lf-rt) Dr. Kraus, Jan Tiefermann (blue shirt) and Ron Pratt

21_Curtwright, Lois-RETIREMENT_IMG_8175
Photo: Lois Curtwright (right)

We also said goodbye to a few others. Drs. Steven Kraus and Bill O’Brien both left the department to pursue their interests. On the research side, Ron Pratt retired in March. Long-time technologist Jan Tiefermann retired in March as well after 40 years of service. Clinical Director Lois Curtwright retired, leaving her position as head of nursing in the Anesthesia Imaging Department, having co-worked with our Radiology MRI Division. 


Our Hybrid OR celebrated their third year of success. A departmental collaboration between Surgery and Radiology has produced successful outcomes for our patients. 

2021 wrap-up_-new-old fellows

Our 2020-2021 Fellows completed their year-long program and graduated. Our new 2021-2022 Fellows arrived in July to start the entire process again. 

cincinnati children's hospital critical care building

Near the end of the year, our clinical areas in the new hospital tower (G-Building) came to fruition. We now have new additions of X-ray, CT, MRI, and other radiology-related rooms to serve the new hospital Emergency area. A new and larger Radiology conference room was also added. 

We hope this new year will be exciting and prosperous for our Radiology Department here at Cincinnati Children’s. Stay safe and healthy! 



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