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2019 Year Wrap-Up

Post Date: January 7, 2020
2019 Year Wrap-Up

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season. Let’s take a look back at our year in Radiology:

As usual, we hired a lot of new employees in our Radiology Department. New Reading Room assistants, technologists, registered physician’s assistants (RPA), nurses, a financial administrator, patient care assistant, radiologists and a child life specialist joined our Radiology family.

One of our long-time radiologists, Dr. Michael Gelfand, announced that he was retiring. His career in nuclear medicine spans 40 years. Even though he’s officially retired, Dr. Gelfand will still be around working on research projects.

On a very sad note, Dr. Janet Strife passed away peacefully in Boulder, Colorado. She served as Radiologist-in-Chief at Cincinnati Children’s from 1992-2002. Her passion was to support, educate and promote young radiologists, especially women, as they trained to become pediatric radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s. She was kind and generous, not just to her fellow doctors, but to everyone else around her.

Photo: “Ask-A-Technologist: MRI”

We started a new video format, interviewing various employees around the department. “Ask-A- …” was born. The style was more informal and we would ask common questions that a patient or family member would ask about an exam, the equipment around the room, questions like “Will it hurt?” etc. We try to make the videos more fun and reduce the mystery and anxiety of getting an imaging exam.

Our Radiology fellows are halfway through their fellowship program and by June of this year, they will be graduating. We have more than just one type of fellowship program this year. We have clinical radiological fellows, but also an administrative fellow and a Radiology Informatics fellow.

With the new medical tower being constructed next door to our MRI suite, certain MRI rooms were either temporarily closed or services were moved to other parts of the hospital. Now our MRI Division is up and running normally and we even have a new MRI change room for our patients. And speaking of MRI, we posted the various sounds our MRI machines make so that our audience would know what to expect when getting an MRI exam.

Three of our veteran ultrasound technologists will retire later this year: Lori Muench, Janet Adams and Kimberly Dunn.

One of our former fellows (Dr. Yinan Li) decided to stay on in our department, accepting a faculty position. Dr. Arthur Meyers, a former 2011 fellow, came back and accepted a position as the Section Director of Musculoskeletal Imaging.

Happy New Year everyone!

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