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2017 Patient Experience Week Winners

2017 Patient Experience Week Winners

Last week Cincinnati Children’s Radiology celebrated Patient Experience Week. We recognized our healthcare staff as well as honored our patients and families. Three healthcare staff members were awarded prizes for the most received nominations from their peers. The winners were divided up into three categories: healthcare staff that were located at the Main Campus, Liberty Campus and outpatient satellites. The winners were Julie Young (Main Campus), Jennifer Esch (Liberty Campus) and Randi Kugel (outpatient registration).

The winners were nominated by their peers through our Above and Beyond recognition system. The excerpts below are some examples of our winners’ dedication to the hospital and to our patients and families.

Julie Young

  • “Julie deserves recognition for her exceptional work knowledge, selflessness, concern for her employees, and relentless hard work. Julie is without a doubt the best manager I have ever worked for in my entire professional career and an unbelievable asset for our department. Julie continues to exceed expectations, and I hope upper management realizes her value and the effect she has on both co-workers and patients alike. She truly makes an impact on patient care and is very well-respected throughout the department.”

Photo: Julie Young holding red flowers.

  • “Julie is the greatest boss ever. She is always so accommodating to all of her employees’ needs. She puts everyone before herself and is willing to stay late to help us scan difficult patients. She will work 12+ hours just to make sure everything and everyone is doing okay. Julie, you’re the best! Thank you for everything that you do!”

Jennifer Esch

  • “Jen is such a great asset to our Liberty team! She is such a friendly person with a great attitude. She is always smiling and willing to help out any way that she can. Jen always offers to go above and beyond to offer her assistance. She is a great people person and her face lights up the room! She has made many connections with patients and their families. Jen is respectful of her peers and does a great job at communicating. We are lucky to have a tech assistant like Jen!”

  • “Jen always goes above and beyond for our patients. She’s a great resource when we have difficult patients. She’s come into an x-ray room and danced with a patient to gain cooperation for the x-ray. She’s so friendly and outgoing with patients and families and really makes them feel comfortable.”

Randi Kugel

  • “Randi is excellent with the patients. She is extremely helpful and welcoming to everyone that sits at her desk, and does a great job of putting patients’ minds at ease before their scans.”

Photo: Randi Kugel holding yellow flowers.

  • “I am nominating Randi because she is always greeting patients and their families with a smile on her face. She is always willing to stay late or come in early to make sure she gives the best she can for the families. She amazes me every day.”
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