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Welcome Lyndsay L. and Sarah M. to Radiology

Welcome Lyndsay L. and Sarah M. to Radiology

Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department welcomes two new radiography technologists to its ranks. Lyndsay N Laub and Sarah A Miozzi started their employment in May. To learn more about our new technologists, please read below.

Photo: Lyndsay N Laub, RT

Lyndsay N Laub just graduated from the University of Cincinnati (UC). Lawrenceburg, Indiana is where she, her husband Jesse and their fur child Bailey call home. Lyndsay graduated from Chatham University (in Pittsburgh) with her Bachelors in Biology in December 2012.

Photo: Lyndsay, her husband Jesse and their “fur child” Bailey

Lyndsay and Jesse coach the swim team for their local Special Olympics. She enjoys traveling and hiking.


Photo: Sarah A Miozzi, RT

Sarah A Miozzi just graduated from Xavier University and plans to attend the University of Cincinnati to continue her education in Radiology. Attending two rival universities brings up the big question: which one is she going to root for in the Crosstown Shootout!? Sarah loves to explore this wonderful city she lives in, listen to music, and shop! She can’t wait to make new friends and make an impact on the lives of the patients at Cincinnati Children’s.

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