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Registration Kiosks Ensure Privacy and Faster Service

Post Date: July 28, 2014
Registration Kiosks Ensure Privacy and Faster Service

The Registration Kiosk in the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s helps to make the registration process faster, safer, and more private. When you and your child visit the Radiology Department, you first sign in for your appointment at the kiosk. The kiosk helps to enhance your privacy as you no longer need to write your child’s name on a paper sign in sheet where everyone can see it. Now you simply enter your child’s name at the kiosk and then select the appointment or the reason for your visit. The registration kiosk also lets you privately update your personal information such as phone numbers, addresses and emergency contacts.

After signing in, you will be asked to have a seat in our waiting area. The information entered at the kiosk immediately updates the schedule throughout the department. The registration desk and the radiology staff are now alerted to your arrival and can begin preparing for your child’s appointment.

As soon as a registration clerk is available, your family will be called to the desk to complete the registration process. The registration clerk will ask for your insurance card and will place an ID (and allergy bracelet, if needed) on your child. Now the registration process is complete and you are ready for your appointment. The radiology technologists are instantly notified that you are waiting and are alerted to come to the waiting room to get you and your child as soon as possible.

Kiosks are available directly next to the Radiology reception desk at the Burnet Campus and at some of the neighborhood locations.

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Wendy is a Project Manager for the department of Radiology. Wendy has worked at Cincinnati Children's for over 6 years and has a passion for improving patient and employee satisfaction. Wendy is happily married to Tim Bankes and they have been blessed with two adorable daughters. Wendy enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as volunteering with kids.