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Radiology Turnaround Kudo’s

Post Date: October 3, 2023
Radiology Turnaround Kudo’s

It’s good to be recognized by your peers. Recently, our Radiologist-in-Chief Dr. Brian Coley and Dr. Andrew Trout (clinical research radiology director) received a note of thanks from our emergency medicine (ED) colleagues recognizing the remarkable service that our department provides for their patients. Take a look at the letter they received from Dr. Lynn Babcock from ED.

Hi Brian and Andrew,

I am one of the EM doctors that participates in our research network called PECARN, the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network. Each month, we upload all our ED data to a central data center, and we generate “report cards” from our sites. This data is used by each site differently. This project was initially grant funded to do quality improvement work but now mainly is used as a data stream. The other sites include children’s hospitals such as Philadelphia, DC, Milwaukee, Davis California, Atlanta, Denver, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Dallas (I think we are up to 12 uploading data).

So today when I was reviewing our base site data (we also have Liberty data as well), I smiled when I looked at our radiology turnaround times in comparison to others.  This trend has been there before, but I decided to pass it on to you, so that you could also smile. See below our site data compared to other sites for July 2023 on a few measures related to radiology and the ED.

Despite all the craziness and volumes of patients we see, we appreciate your department’s timeliness and turnaround times.  It makes our jobs so much easier.

Thank you!!

Lynn Babcock, MD, MS, FAAP

Professor, Associate Division Director for Research, Division of Emergency Medicine

Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Vice Chair and HOMERUN Nodal PI, Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network

Co-Director, Acute Care Research Core, Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Science Training

As Dr. Coley mentioned to the Radiology department, “You do good things that help patients, every day.”

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