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Quick Facts: MRI

Post Date: August 14, 2019
Quick Facts: MRI

As stated in our Cincinnati Children’s Radiology website, MRI is a way to take pictures of the body using a large powerful magnet, radio waves and a computer. The computer generates detailed pictures of your body and each picture looks like a slice taken through your body. One of the differences from a CT scan is that it doesn’t use radiation (x-rays).

Here are some other quick facts about MRI that you may not know:

  • As stated earlier, an MRI scan does not use radiation or x-ray to take a picture of your body
  • An MRI usually generates more detail than CT
  • The scans may take a lot longer than a CT
  • The MRI machine is always on
    • It is a very long, time-consuming process if the machine needs to be shut down (30-60 minutes)
    • In emergency situations, the machine can be quickly turned off, but only when someone’s life is in danger and it’s expensive
  • Our MRI machines put patients in a narrow tunnel
    • Some patients who are not used to close confinement may get anxious or claustrophobic
      • In this case, patients are sedated or wear specialized goggles to watch movies if they need to stay awake and responsive during the exam
  • The MRI machine makes loud weird noises as it takes a picture

These are some quick facts about MRI. Having an MRI exam is one of the most powerful tools our radiologists can use in order to diagnose our patients.

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