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Meet the Team: Emily Mueller

Meet the Team: Emily Mueller

My name is Emily Mueller. I have been an x-ray technician at Cincinnati Children’s for seven years. I originally earned a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services, but I didn’t feel like it was the right field for me. I decided to go to Xavier University to become an x-ray technologist. I made this decision because I really enjoyed my anatomy and physiology class in high school. After five years working as an x-ray technologist, I applied to become the Radiography Quality Specialist. I was excited by this new role because it allowed me to continue to interact with patients in addition to getting to work on quality improvement projects in our department.

I like working at Cincinnati Children’s for a number of reasons. Working with kids makes my job fun. I get to meet different children with unique personalities all the time. They make sure that every day is full of surprises. I think our radiology department is different from departments in other hospitals because we are always trying to improve upon the excellent care we already provide. Our Quality Improvement team is dedicated to getting better. They are constantly thinking of new ways to improve. I am excited to be a part of such a caring team.

I got married last year and had an awesome honeymoon in Hawaii. My husband and I enjoy traveling and wish we had more time to do so. In my free time, I enjoy reading. My favorite book is Sarah’s Key. Recently, I’ve been playing on our department softball team. We haven’t won a game yet, but it’s still a lot of fun. We should all probably stick to our day jobs.

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