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Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Post Date: February 15, 2024
Measure Twice, Cut Once!

You may wonder why we ask the same questions at multiple times before or during a visit to the Radiology department. Be assured that we are listening to your answers and sharing that information. However, each person involved in your child’s care strives to perform their specific job at the highest caliber and as safely as possible, and they may need more specific information. Just as a carpenter measures everything twice so there’s no error, we at Cincinnati Children’s review your child’s health history multiple times so we don’t make any mistakes during a procedure. We check and double-check all information before proceeding with an exam. Depending on the study your child is going to have, the Radiology department uses different safety measures before performing a test. 

Every area of Radiology will follow our 4-Please Process to make sure we are imaging the correct patient and doing the best procedure to diagnose your child’s illness. Sometimes, the technologist will find an error in your child’s order, such as the left knee was ordered to be imaged, but your child is complaining of right knee pain. At this time, the technologist will notify the ordering physician to make clarifications before beginning the study.

If your child is having anesthesia or sedation for his/her exam, you will answer a list of questions by the scheduling department. The answers to these questions will make sure your child is scheduled at the correct location. A nurse will call you prior to the appointment to make sure he/she is healthy enough to undergo the procedure and to go through eating and drinking instructions with you. They will also explain the anesthesia process with you and answer any questions you may have. On the day of your appointment, the nurse will ask more detailed questions about your child’s health and perform a physical assessment by taking their vital signs and listening to their heart and lungs. The anesthesiologist will review the assessment with the nurse and may further question you to clarify any information before starting.

When your child is scheduled for an MRI, you will answer specific questions to make sure he/she is scheduled at the right location on the right scanner. At this point, we are screening for implants that are not safe for MRI. The technologist will again go through an implant screening with you the day of your exam or during your pre-visit phone call. This is a more detailed list that will let the technologist know if you need to remove any medical devices such as in insulin pump or if the scan must be performed in a special way specific to your child’s implant.  We appreciate your understanding that by asking questions multiple times, we get the most accurate information needed to perform exams in the most efficient way while keeping your child safe.

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About the author: Becky Barth

Becky has been an MRI Tech at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for almost 15 years. She grew up on the west side of Cincinnati and studied Radiology at UC. She lived in Southern Maryland and Virginia Beach while her husband served in the US Navy and came back to the area just as the Liberty Campus was opening. She loves being in such a great team and working with kids. She enjoys spending time with her children and 2 beautiful granddaughters.

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