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Maria Robb Honored with Radiology Family Recognition Award

Post Date: March 1, 2024
Maria Robb Honored with Radiology Family Recognition Award

The Radiology Family Recognition Award winner for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024 is Maria Robb, MRI technologist at Cincinnati Children’s Liberty and Green campuses.

Each month, through the patient experience survey, the Radiology department receives many comments from patients and families about the exceptional care they received during their visit. The Radiology Family Recognition Award utilizes this family feedback to spotlight those employees that best exemplify Cincinnati Children’s Values: Making a Difference, Telling the Truth, Work as a Team, Respect Everyone.

Photo: Award given to Maria by Radiologist-in-Chief, Dr. Brian Coley

Maria has been an MRI tech at Cincinnati Children’s for 11 years and has received many positive survey comments over the years. The survey comment below from this past quarter says it all. Congratulations, Maria!

“The only reason that we’re giving at 10 on the rating scale is because 11+ was not a choice.  This location has consistently been an outstanding representation of CCHMC. Our daughter is a “repeat customer” in the MRI department, and the staff there has made it their personal mission to know and recognize our family. Somehow our daughter is still traumatized by the MRI process, but seeing the friendly face and spirit of Maria puts her in a more comfortable setting. Our daughter knows every step in the process of the MRI, and I am quite confident that this is because of the unwavering compassion that Maria shares during every visit. Maria should be considered an asset and is a prime example of the ‘quality of life’ that CCHMC outlines in its mission statement. Thank you all for your continued compassion and support in the health and well-being of our daughter.”

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About the author: Dianne Hater

Dianne Hater is our patient and family advocate. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face, with the primary goal of enhancing the radiology experience for patients and their families. Her initial responsibilities were focused around improving the waiting room experience, answering patient and family questions while they waited, providing information about hospital policies, and connecting families with financial and social assistance programs. She worked closely with the registration personnel, technologists, and patients when issues arose with respect to imaging instructions, other same-day appointments and imaging delays.

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