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What To Expect During a General Anesthesia Study in Interventional Radiology

What To Expect During a General Anesthesia Study in Interventional Radiology

If your child is to have an exam performed under general anesthesia, you will check in at Same Day Surgery Registration located on A3.


Here you will meet the anesthesia team and the interventional radiologist. They will confirm what exam is to be conducted and which part of the body is involved. They will also consult with you and your child about the IV and obtain consent. Depending on your child’s age and level of cooperation, his or her IV may be started in Same Day Surgery.

Then the parade begins: Your child will ride a stretcher down the hallway from Same Day Surgery to Interventional Radiology, allowing time for princess/prince waving, high fives from staff , and smiles till he or she reaches the final destination. Upon arriving at the Interventional Radiology suite, you will be greeted by more staff that will be involved in the procedure. A hold point will also be performed to ensure that we have the correct patient and are doing the correct exam.

Depending on the age of your child and any special health concerns, you and the rest of your family may either give hugs and kisses in the hallway before being taken back to the Same Day Surgery waiting area, or be given a hat and/or mask to come in with your child until he or she is off to sleep. Your child can even choose the scent of the gas that will put them to sleep. Once your child is asleep, you will be taken to the Same Day Surgery waiting area.

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Once the procedure is over, the radiologist will come speak to your family while your child is taken to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). The PACU is just across the hall from the Same Day Surgery waiting area.

After the procedure is finished, the images will be read by one of our radiologists and a report will be sent to your physician.

Contributed by Anne Johansing (RT) and edited by Wendy Bankes.

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