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Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Welcomes Our New Employees, Part 1

Post Date: February 5, 2024
Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Welcomes Our New Employees, Part 1

Our Radiology Department family is growing. We’ve added two new technologists and two new research employees. Learn about them in their short bios and why they chose to work at Cincinnati Children’s, Radiology.

Charlie Steele

Hi! My name is Charlie Steele. I have recently joined Cincinnati Children’s as an X-ray tech. I will be doing fluoroscopy, OR, and regular X-rays. I wound up working at Children’s because I have always known I wanted to work in a profession where I’m helping people. I fell in love with working with pediatrics when I was doing my clinical rotations in college.

I grew up in a Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, but I’ve moved to Clifton to work here. Growing up in Lawrenceburg was slow but enjoyable. I always remember going down to the Lawrenceburg Green and watching movies with the community. I also loved going to the Burgoo Festival and car shows on main street.

Nowadays I spend my time reading, playing on Xbox, and hanging out with my cat. Recently I’ve read The Pariah by Anthony Ryan and watched Dracula Untold on Netflix.

I am super excited to start working with everyone here at Children’s.

Kylie Zents

Hi, my name is Kylie Zents, and I am a new financial analyst in the IRC group here at Cincinnati Children’s. I grew up in a small town right across the river in Alexandria, Kentucky. When I was younger, most of my time was spent playing soccer. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in finance in December of 2021. My hobbies include spending time with my friends and family, traveling, spoiling my dog, baking, photography, and still playing soccer recreationally. 

Growing up across the river, I have always heard about Cincinnati Children’s and how amazing of an organization it is. I quickly found this out when I was younger and had to be seen here for a few months. I remember being scared and my parents were terrified. A lot was unknown, but the staff I worked with put all our minds at ease; they did not stop until we found an answer. I will never forget the kindness and compassion each employee showed us. I remember thinking that I wanted to work here and do the same thing for others. Although I am not patient facing, I do feel as though the work I am doing is meaningful and will change lives. 

In simple words, my job entails evaluating businesses, projects, budgets, and other finance-related transactions to determine their performance and suitability. I work on the grant/research portion of the finances. I really enjoy being able to work closely with doctors and seeing their research come to life. There is A LOT that goes into it! 

Audrey Schmitt

My name is Aubrey Schmitt, and I am from Fort Thomas, Kentucky. I recently got engaged and am excited to get married in the summer of 2024. I joined the medical field originally in nursing. I loved the science behind the field but struggled in the patient care area. I became too invested in my patients, and when their prognoses did not improve, I became depressed when many of them did not survive. I wanted to stay in the medical field, still have patient interaction, but have more time to explore the science behind the field.

I graduated from UC in AMIT in 2023, passed both my boards, and began working at a local outpatient sports medicine clinic. I love the work that I do there, but desired to have hands-on experience in the future of medicine. My mom worked in research at Cincinnati Children’s  for years, and she always told me that I should get into research. I finally took her advice and recently started here. I chose Cincinnati Children’s as I love the culture and pursuit of knowledge. I adore kids and am excited to work for a population that is our future.

My title is clinical research coordinator II, in the Imaging Research Center. I assist in facilitating research studies through developing source documents in research studies, recruiting participants based on meticulously following guidelines outlined in the protocols, and meeting with multi-disciplinary teams to maximize patient benefit and minimize patient risk.

My hobbies include hanging out with my family and fiancé. I am blessed to have many mentors in my life, and I consistently meet with them for educational, financial, and spiritual guidance. I enjoy being outside—skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. I love to stay active by playing pickleball and exercising; I also love to dance. My mom and I teach English to Muslim refugees every week, and I find immense enjoyment in watching them learn.

The last book I read was None Like Him and the last movie I watched was the Princess Switch 2.

Lindsay Hinkle

Hi, my name is Lindsay Hinkle, I’m a sonographer for the Fetal Care Center. I’m also a returning employee of Cincinnati Children’s! The last five years I’ve been working at Good Samaritan Hospital with high-risk maternal-fetal medicine. I’m so excited to be back where I first started doing ultrasound seven years ago.

Most recently in life I became a parent. My daughter Luna is about 4 months old. She is the happiest little baby. I really enjoyed my time off with her, but I’m ready to come back to work doing what I love. Some of my hobbies include Amazon, traveling, concerts, reading, and sand volleyball.

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