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Children’s Crestview Hills Celebrates 20 Years!

Post Date: May 9, 2024
Children’s Crestview Hills Celebrates 20 Years!

This year, Cincinnati Children’s Crestview Hills neighborhood location celebrates 20 years! There are exciting things happening as a major refresh is taking place on the first floor. Construction is ongoing as Children’s acquired the second floor for patient services.

In April 2004, Cincinnati Children’s opened its first outpatient care facility across the river! Crestview Hills, Kentucky, was the location for the newest outpatient location. Occupying the first floor of 2765 Chapel Place, this location offered outpatient services including radiography, ultrasound, lab, and specialty services.

The first radiography technologists to set up and open “Outpatient Kentucky” were Alicia Linstead and Heather Steffen. Tracy Robbins was one of the original sonographers. Today, you will still see Heather and Tracy at this neighborhood location!

Heather Steffen and Tracy Robbins
Alicia Linstead and Heather Steffen

Under the management of Matt Lilly, Sarah Dietz joined the team in 2005 and Jessica Neumann joined in 2006. Jessica was a familiar face until 2015, when she left to pursue a career in CT at the base location. In 2017, Alicia retired from work. You will still see Sarah at Crestview Hills. Matt retired from work in May 2024.

Sarah Dietz, Alicia Linstead, Matt Lilly, Heather Steffen
Sarah Dietz, Alicia Linstead, Jessica Neumann, Heather Steffen

During the weeks-long celebration, Alicia and Jessica stopped by to tour the upgrades and say hello to some of the team.

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About the author: Jessica Neumann

Jessica is a CT Tech who works primarily at Base and floats to Liberty CT. Her entire professional career of nearly 22 years has been at CCHMC in the Radiology Department. It was during her clinical rotation in x-ray school where she learned of her passion to work with children. In her free time, she and her husband enjoy cooking together and traveling. She has 2 adult stepsons and 2 dogs.

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