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Catherine Leopard Receives the Radiology Family Recognition Award 

Post Date: November 29, 2023
Catherine Leopard Receives the Radiology Family Recognition Award 

Each month, through the patient experience (PFE) survey, the Radiology department receives many comments from patients and families about the exceptional care they received during their radiology visit. The Radiology Family Recognition Award utilizes family feedback to spotlight those employees who best exemplify Cincinnati Children’s values: Making a Difference, Telling the Truth, Work as a Team, Respect Everyone. 

Catherine Leopard, Child Life specialist, was recently recognized individually or as part of a team three times in PFE survey comments. In the past year, Catherine has been called out multiple times for providing an exceptional experience during radiology visits.  

Here’s what some of her patients’ families had to say about her: 

The child life [specialist] Catherine Leopard really made my son feel very comfortable by letting him play with toys and an iPad. I believe it made such a difference for him. 

Child Life Specialist Catherine from radiology/anesthesia main base is a true gem! She has such talent with kids. She is very skilled at using voice and choice, picture examples, and striking up convos to distract the kiddos. We were very impressed and thrilled with the medical care our daughter received. 

 I was blown away by the staff that we interacted with for my daughter’s procedure. The Child Life specialist, Catherine, made me feel safe and reassured. She was kind and empathetic to my daughter. I don’t think we could have gotten through the procedure without her.  

All of the staff in the room with us was amazing – but I want to give a special recognition to Catherine (Child Life) who was absolutely amazing with my daughter. She explained everything, interacted with my daughter, and made our experience the best I could have imagined. My daughter usually has extreme anxiety about doctor’s offices and things but cooperated so well with Catherine! I have told everyone I will never be anywhere else! It’s a longer drive for us, but she definitely made it 110% worth it, and as a parent, that’s the best you want for your child! Catherine deserves it all! 

My son had the best experience possible! The technician and child life service exceeded all expectations! 

Catherine Leopard was amazing at putting my child’s nerves at ease and explaining the procedure to him in simple terms. As always, truly phenomenal care at CCHMC, and that is why we keep coming back. 

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About the author: Dianne Hater

Dianne Hater is our patient and family advocate. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face, with the primary goal of enhancing the radiology experience for patients and their families. Her initial responsibilities were focused around improving the waiting room experience, answering patient and family questions while they waited, providing information about hospital policies, and connecting families with financial and social assistance programs. She worked closely with the registration personnel, technologists, and patients when issues arose with respect to imaging instructions, other same-day appointments and imaging delays.

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