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Black History Month: Honoring Dr. Lionel W. Young

Post Date: February 19, 2024
Black History Month: Honoring Dr. Lionel W. Young

Lionel W. Young, MD, was born in New Orleans, LA, in 1932. He earned his bachelor of science degree from Benedictine College and his medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine.

From 1961 to 1963, he was chief of radiology and U.S. Naval Lieutenant Commander at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in New Hampshire. After his military service, he was invited by our renowned Dr. Frederic Silverman to Cincinnati Children’s for a two-year fellowship in Pediatric Radiology (1963-1965).

After finishing his fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s, he was invited back to the University of Rochester Medical Center as a pediatric radiologist where he served for 10 years. There he met and mentored a resident, Dr. Alan Oestreich. Dr. Young was the main reason Dr. Oestreich went into pediatric radiology.

After the University of Rochester Medical Center, he moved to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, becoming co-director of the Department of Radiology.

At Pittsburgh, he worked with Dr. Silverman’s mentor, John Caffey, MD, a pioneer pediatric radiologist. In 1985 he took a leadership role at the radiology department of Akron Children’s Hospital. He earned a professorship and was chairman of radiology at Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine until 1991.

Photo: Dr. Young and Dr. Dianne Babcock, refired radiology faculty, at the 2007 Midwest Society Meeting

He spent the last 30 years of his career at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (1991-2018) where he served as professor of radiology and head of pediatric radiology. In 2007, he returned to Cincinnati Children’s to attend the 2007 Midwest Society for Pediatric Radiology meeting, honoring his late mentor Dr. Frederic Silverman. Dr. Young’s daughter, Tina Young-Poussaint, MD, is the newly appointed head of radiology at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Young passed away in 2019.

Learn more about Dr. Young and his achievements.

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