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Adopt-a-Family Update 2023

Post Date: January 11, 2024
Adopt-a-Family Update 2023

Happy New Year!  I always like to close out our “Adopt a Family” program with a final follow-up after the holidays.  Below, please read the response I received from our family.  I appreciated receiving the kind comments and I know this will also mean a lot to the Radiology team.  

We wanted to reach out and express our gratitude for the overwhelmingly perfect Christmas that you provided for our family!  The baskets of their favorite treats were such a surprise for them on St. Nick morning!  It gave them all their favorites throughout the Christmas break.  Their faces lit up when they saw our tree surrounded by the gifts of both their needs and wants.  The signed Bengals helmets were a hit!  They loved that they each got one, even if they are not having a great season.

A year that has been stressful and leaving us unsure about a lot of things, your team let us rest assured that things will be ok.  It gave my husband and I time to reflect on the year and thank God for the blessings he has provided us and not dwell on the obstacles we are facing.  Thank you doesn’t seem enough for your generosity and time spent making Christmas magical for us.  You are amazing and I hope you all know how much you are appreciated!  Happy New Year!

“Thank you” image by June Laves from Pixabay

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