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A Walk Through X-Ray

Post Date: June 23, 2014
A Walk Through X-Ray

In order to get an X-ray at the Burnet Campus, you will first check-in at a kiosk in our main waiting room and then register your child. You and your child will then be instructed to follow the purple bees on the floor to Wait Room 2. If you arrive for an x-ray after 6:00 PM, just follow the purple bees to Wait Room 2 where you will be registered. At Wait Room 2, you will check in at the window by giving them your child’s name and date of birth. Your child’s name will be called and you will be escorted to a room by an X-ray technologist.

Once in the x-ray room, the technologist will again verify your child’s name and date of birth as well as ask you questions regarding the exam to be performed and the reason for the exam. The technologist then puts a protective lead shield on everyone staying in the room with your child, sets up the camera, and positions your child’s body part to be imaged.  Once the technologist takes the picture, it is sent to the radiologist to be read.  After the radiologist reads and dictates a report, your doctor is sent the results. Occasionally, your doctor may have you wait in our waiting room for the results.  If you are not asked to wait, the results are available to your doctor within 24 hours and to you in the MyChart application.

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For your convenience, you can walk-in with a prescription and get an x-ray between 7:30 AM and 11:30 PM every day of the week at the Burnet Campus.  Check our website for our business hours if you would prefer to get your x-ray at one of our neighborhood locations.

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