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2022 Radiology Wrap-Up 

Post Date: January 7, 2023
2022 Radiology Wrap-Up 

Hello, 2023, and goodbye, 2022! But what happened in 2022 in our Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s? Well, join us as we wrap up 2022 in a nutshell. 

Let’s start off with our large new Radiology Conference Room. Our old one was converted into reading rooms, plus the new one is significantly bigger. We just call it the G Conference Room because it’s in the G building. 

Anna Lee

New faculty faces: Anna Lee takes on the title of clinical director of Anesthesia Imaging from her predecessor Lois Curtwright, who retired from Cincinnati Children’s with 37 years under her belt. Joseph (Joe) Meier is one of our newest physicists; his duties include researching and performing routine accreditation testing on all diagnostic imaging equipment. Drs. Cara Morin, Nadeen Abu Ata, Katie Epstein and Jennifer Nicholas were former fellows, and now they’re back to where it all began. Evan Slavik took over Tim O’Connor’s position as director of Radiology Informatics.  

Dr. Epstein & Dr. Abu Ata

Congratulations to all our award winners in 2022!  

Charlene “Char” VonHagen retired from Cincinnati Children’s after two decades as an administrative assistant. Tim O’Connor, previous Radiology Informatics director, retired last September to spend more time with family. 

New innovations, our Interventional Radiology and Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s welcomes a creative approach to performing procedures. We have started to include a device that uses augmented reality in some of our day-to-day practice. It is a headset with special goggles that is worn during the procedure. It allows us to see our imaging monitors and to control our X-ray systems virtually, without needing to see or touch them directly! 

2022 Fellows

Bitter sweet goodbyes and warm welcomes: Our 2022 Radiology Fellows finished their year-long training and graduated in June. Our melancholy was soon erased by the new arrivals of our 2023 Radiology Fellows and Summer Research Students; each group has their own “special something.” 

2023 Radiology Clinical Fellows

We’ve just scratched the surface of Radiology 2022, but we only have so much space! You can scan back on your own and rediscover what 2022 was like. 

Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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